Introducing Assetic: Asset Management for PHP 5.3


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asettic is awesome!

Assetic looks really powerful and flexible yet simple. I thought I knew it already but this talk also explained the concepts which helps leveraging this library. Thanks!

good job ! thanks !

Sweet sentiments, perfect pace - assetic awesomeness.

This looks useful in the future as my traffic grows, but right now I am trying to learn the basics of S2

Great tool, presented well.

Great tool, presented well.

Calm and straight to the point presentation. Just forked it :)

nice presentation, liked it a lot.

Same as the others: perfect (fun/learned a lot/felt well after the talk/will talk about it to everyone i know).

Good presentation and flow. Excellent speaker!

Usefull tool for heavy traffic'd websites, brilliant presentation, Thanks Kris.

Anonymous at 09:38 on 6 Mar 2011

Great Presentation of an incredible tool.

Great library, great presentation.
Nicely done!

a really awesome tool for bigger sites, and an excellent presentation. thank you!