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you should prepare your code before

Definitely expected more. I am guessing Fabien did more programming than preparing which is better for us in the long run but as presentation it did not deliver.

I hate to give a bad rating to s.o. as brilliant as Fabien. But I guess one has to live with the risks of a purely live coding keynote ;) This said, I don't regret having been in the room, as the "Apache Config" kind of became a running gag of the conferenceā€¦ And his keynote of the second day just kicked ass!

the 10 minutes madness is not a problem at all, but the whole KN was a bit boring

Same oppinion as the others. you do awsome things, but this keynote wasn't one of them.

A shadow of his day 2 keynote, a shame but still some interesting content.

Heard a few comments that afternoon that this wasn't really keynote material (unlike the second day's awesome keynote), and I have to agree.

Beyond the unfortunate demo malfunction, I think the reliance on FrameworkExtraBundle and annotations might have done more harm than good in introducing Symfony2 to new and prospective users. Yes, it makes configuration a breeze, but on the outside (without deep explanation) it can appear very much like the magic in Sf1 that we're trying to abandon.

Some of the more interesting topics, such as "parameters.ini" for holding sensitive configuration values, were skipped over in favor of explaining arguably less important issues such as route prefixes and templating annotations.