The lost art of simplicity


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Interesting, and important topic(s). Slightly text heavy, might be beneficial to narrow the scope.


Great opener for the conference!

I've liked the talk, very interesting discussion on the topic of simple and innovation. As Erland said, I think the slides were too text heavy.

Great presentation, is it available somewhere ?

Great stuff. The advice not to attempt to generalize an implementation of something for reuse until you have done it on an ad-hoc basis at least three times is excellent and jibes with hard-learned lessons in our shop. Wait until you know what will really be needed again and in what form.

As a general thing and not a comment on this particular presentation which had different goals, it's time Microsoft had someone demo firing up Symfony with IIS PHP accelerator best practices.

Great talk which really prepared you for having less "I will implement this tonight" king of thoughts for the rest of the presentations.

powerful kick-off

I loved Josh's talk! "Automate things only after the 3rd repetition" kind of became a running gag during the conference, but makes total sense! Looking forward to hearing more of his talks!

It waked me up and it was damn hard.
really awsome speaker, steve balmer Jr ? :)

Second time I have seen this talk (first was at PHPUK last year) and it still exudes quality.
Some great points we should all be making use of.

Excellent opening talk for the conference. I walked in expecting to hear some Microsoft evangelism but was very impressed with the universality of Josh's presentation. This was sound advice for any software engineer trying to preserve their sanity and productivity amidst waves of rapidly changing business requirements and new technologies.

Really good start for sflive2011. Concept and theory heavy, but no bad thing there. Much enjoyed.