There's a Rabbit on my Symfony - RabbitMQ and Symfony2 Integration


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Great overview of RabbitMQ. I liked that you showed the plain PHP version first (which seemed very complex), and then the Symfony2 bundle which seems to make it much easier.

that talk was awesome and very informative. thanks!

I learned what RabbitMQ is all about and what I could use a message queuing system for. A little demo would have been nice, but I guess there was no time for that. In addition, some syntax highlighting of the code in the slides would have been appreciated.

I learned, and that's the most important!

Surprisingly, even while knowing what an AMQP is, stupidly, i wasn't thinking about using it to scale my batch processes wich is a great idea...
Your slides were good, you were great, keep going.

good talk and interesting topic. i hope to do a project sometimes that is complex enough to need such a solution.

Alvaro clearly knows the subject matter and his presentation was well-ordered (general architecture, client libraries and PHP examples, and finally Symfony2 bundle).

Great talk. Very interesting, and I thought a clear and concise, well presented overview. This was the most interesting, useful talk of the conference for me.