Varnish Cache and you


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A potentially interesting talk, that was flawed by poor presentation. Please Kristian, do not insult and/or belittle your audience.

Maybe I did not care about the presentation because I was thinking about all the things around varnish as a product but I liked the information. The guy is a geek, give him a break :)

Actually, no, I will not give him a break; as much as I liked the topic, I think it is important to give feedback on the delivery as well, all in the humble hope that it will improve. I am a geek too, and I sincerely think that Varnish as an excellent product deserves a good presentation.

After 1 and a half days of presentations where "caching" seemed to be the dish of the day, Kristian clearly had a tough time finding that extra something to excite the audience. I feel that whilst the presentation was slow at times, and perhaps a little too many cat references, we were treated to more of the technical reasons why Varnish is the number one choice of http accelerator!

He gave a very good overview of the possibilities with Varnish.
Sure the presentation wasn't perfect but the coverage was good.