Apostrophe: a Symfony-powered CMS your clients will love


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Inspiring display of how Apostrophe works, which features it has, and how to work with it. I am definitely going to look at Apostrophe again soon :)

Thanks for this talk! I learned a lot about what Apostrophe is and how it finds a happy medium in the space with Drupal, Wordpress, and general-purpose frameworks.

Thanks for the talk Apostrophe is probably the most impressive CMS/F system built on an OS framework I've ever seen in PHP! Keep it up!

Great product philosophy!

Nice blend of why clients will love it and how it will make developers life easier. Good examples of design and code. I would add a quick demo of the versioning system when showing the front end.

Good talk, cant wait for development on Apostrophe 2.0

Thanks for the great comments!

Slides are here:


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