Introducing Assetic: Asset Management for PHP 5.3


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Interesting stuff. Looks like this will be quite useful :)

One note though: If you don't have a portable mic, then don't walk around. When you were walking with your back to one side of the room, that side of the room had a hard time hearing you (well, I did at least). I think there were portable mics, better have used one

Great talk and a very promising library, well done!

Kris is a truly comfortable speaker and seems to master the art of presenting a topic from its simple beginning to its more robust conclusion. The fact that the assetic library looks great is a bonus - Kris could teach any topic to an audience.

Very cool and well presented talk with a nice sense of humour, as always

And Assetic looks very promising!

Very cool talk on an interesting subject. It's great to see what the Symfony community has coming down the pike over the next couple years.

Assetic rocks!

Good structure and sign posting. Made it easy to follow along. Looking forward to using Assetic.

Great stuff, pointing in the right direction for the future of asset management in Symfony. Clearly has the expressiveness we want for the long term. Love the nesting of filters