An introduction to using & extending Composer


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Anonymous at 12:44 on 7 Nov 2013

Unfortunatly the talk revealed not so many insights and "pro-tricks" as hoped for. As composer is nowasdays spread so much and a de-facto standard the talk give much.

The speaker was good.

I have to agree with Thomas Silwa.
I mean its a symfony conference, everyone should know how to use composer. I was hoping for some in-depth tricks of how to avoid the github outages and some tips for satis.

Anonymous at 14:29 on 7 Nov 2013

Anonymous at 15:45 on 7 Nov 2013

Although you need to know composer in order to use Symfony there were some interesting points how to further leverage composer to fit your or your companies needs.

I expected a bit more insights as well but it is titled as introduction so this is ok.

The company introduction was a bit too long (although it's interesting what they do).

The presentation was good.

Anonymous at 22:35 on 8 Nov 2013

Only few new things about composer in the talk.

Too much basic introduction. More deeper insights would have been great.

Sehr guter Rundumschlag. Habe einiges mitgenommen.