BDD in open-source projects - Is it really beneficial?


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Anonymous at 12:08 on 7 Nov 2013

A few slides with a short introduction to BDD would have been helpful. Otherwise an interesting tall.

without practical experience in BDD it's been not that easy to follow your arguments

A lot of assumptions were made at the beginning because BDD is relatively new and may have confused people not used to it (it was a short talk so it might have been due to this).

That being said it was a good presentation showing also the side effects and probable issues with BDD in open source..

Anonymous at 16:17 on 8 Nov 2013

Anonymous at 22:34 on 8 Nov 2013

Presentation was structured well, for people not knowing anything about BDD certainly too advanced.

Vortrag war OK. Ich fühlte mich aber nicht richtig abgeholt.