Development, By The Numbers


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Awesome and very very helpful! Waiting for video to be released to recommend to each and everyone.

Anonymous at 10:52 on 8 Nov 2013

That was good! Love numbers

Anonymous at 10:53 on 8 Nov 2013

great talk, +1 for the video

That was great and good to know

Although I already knew the slides, seeing the talk in a live performance made it even better. 5 thumbs up!

Awesome speaker, good talk. Very motivating and funny.

Anonymous at 11:27 on 8 Nov 2013

Just awsome! Thank you very much.

Anonymous at 12:01 on 8 Nov 2013

Anonymous at 12:06 on 8 Nov 2013

Awesome talk. Funny and instructive.

Great talk, nice anecdotes and a super way to perform.

Great job of explaining these numbers and bringing these important and in other languages long availaible measure points to the php world.

But always remember the true essence: If it's beatiful code, but has no business value; It's crap !

Fun and interesting. Anthony is a really good speaker.

Anonymous at 14:26 on 8 Nov 2013


Anonymous at 16:18 on 8 Nov 2013

Anonymous at 21:31 on 8 Nov 2013

Anonymous at 22:50 on 8 Nov 2013

Best talk of the conference. Lost it a bit in the las 10 minutes, but great speaker!

Best talk of the conference++!

Good content, great talk!

Best talk of the conf. Very interesting topic. Very good speaker.

Best talk of the conference! well done

One of the best this year!

Perfect slides, clear golden thread, very helpful and last but not least funny.

The thing that will be most helpful to me was the inspection of the evolution of the quality of a code base over time (phploc --repository, splunk, ...)

I found the talk interesting and the speaker quite a pleasant person.
However, I don't know how this would change my life on a daily basis.

On the other hand, compared with ppl's comments on the topic "why is symfony still open source", we can see that developers are shallow-minded dogs :D Only the show is appealing, not the depth.