Raus aus dem Vendor-Lock-In


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Good talk. Could have had a few more examples.

More practical samples would be awesome, but concept sounds interesting. might be overhead for small projects?!

Link he mentioned > https://github.com/MarcelloDuarte/hexagonal-symfony

Nice introduction to Domain Driven Design, even if the phrase was not used directly. Therefore the concept was introduced on a lightweight basis, and so easy to grasp by the audience;

A little more depth on the topic would've been nice from my point of view.

Very abstract view, which is Ok, but a bit slow-going.
Not very useful for me. I think intellectually a lot of people understand that there are good principles, problem is reaslising them in real world.

Anonymous at 21:50 on 7 Nov 2013

Well presented. May be a bit more examples (also for the cases it would be over engineered) would make it even more assessable for applying.

Anonymous at 22:33 on 8 Nov 2013

Presentation style was good.

Guter Talk. Der rote Faden mit "Zug zum Tor" war ein bisschen zerfasert.

Allerdings Wasser auf meine DDD-Mühlen, Danke.