An offline admin generator with HTML 5 and Gears


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Interesting subject and very well presented but it seems to be an immature area - working on the bleeding edge must be very frustrating. Hopefully soon you will have more widespread and stable HMTL5 implementations to work with.

Very interesting talk. I didn't really know what Gear exactly is. Thanks ;)

Really interesting talk about a technology which might be the next big thing. Well done!

nothing to do with symfony and probably useless but I love it!

An appreciated break in frontend ;)

great usage example of symfony for non-symfony things :)

promising, i really hope it will end up being a fully workable solution!

Anonymous at 10:39 on 21 Feb 2010

Nice presentation
Good overview of what can be done using HTML5 (now, just wait for browser to support it !)

Love the work that you've been doing, this type of presentation is always inspiring because you've really pushed what is possible. You presented it well and left us thinking how we could use the technologies available to implement a similar solution.