Building a platform from symfony at Yahoo!


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Delivered very fast, which was fine for native English speakers (and actually quite useful since the session was a little behind schedule and there was nothing too detailed to try to follow) but might be better to cut out 20% of the words and talk a little slower? Any non-native English speakers like to comment?

Maybe you should give you the nickname Dustin 'Niagara falls' Whittle, cuz hell you can talk fast on technical matter!

But great presentation, and very cool to point out what Yahoo thinks of some issues / parts! Too bad the two ysf* plugins that are available on the symfony site don't go further then sf1.1. Thanks!

Interesting presentation. Too fast also for me, Dustin breathe sometimes! :) You must consider non-native English speakers: advanced can follow you, intermediate sometimes were lost, basic can't follow you.

I like this presentation but I'd prefer to see something more advanced. Btw Dustin, please, speak slowly! :)

great presentation, useful tips on how Yahoo uses symfony all across the board. He really talks fast, it was ok for me but I was thinking on other people probably struggled.

great speech, sometimes fast but understandable, with many tips and inspirations

Anonymous at 11:26 on 21 Feb 2010

Great presentation, nice tips and advices.
Also a bit too fast for me.