Doctrine 2: Not the Same Old PHP ORM


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A nice teaser, Jon. Doctrine 2.0 sounds like a big step forward and I'm almost looking forward to learning everything all over again...! :)

A clear and well-told teaser. Though it is entirely for beginners or weak of hart as the number of three letter abbreviations began to increase during the talk.
Nevertheless, great talk!

The highlight of the day, great presentation, thanks Jon.

Doctrine 2.0 is in fact Propel ^^ Just kidding ! Hope to try it as soon as possible as it seems very very much more easier to use and much more faster. Great job Jon.

One of the best presentations of the day, and the future of Doctrine is promising.

Well done ! It was a great presentation !

clear explanation of what will come and why! thx

Good presentation

Great presentation. Got a clear view of what D2 will look like, and made me confident about what will be coming out soon :-)

Just changed from Propel to Doctrine on a new project, but already can't wait to try out Doctrine 2 for real! Keep up the good work!

Great presentation of what to expect of D2, after first using Propel I kinda got used to the generated model classes, good thing that coming!

Great performance John. Thanks a lot for the quality of your presentation (rythm, accuracy, technical level...).
I really loved your reaction on the last question ;-).
I agree with pgodel, "The highlight of the day".

looking forward to using it!

Anonymous at 10:27 on 21 Feb 2010

Great talk, +1 "The highlight of the day"
Doctrine 2 looks really promising, was happy to hear "kill the magic"
Just one thing : please stop copying propel !! :D

Definitely a highlight for me. Love the Doctrine project and Jon did a great job of explaining the promise of Doctrine 2.