Choosing a framework is often a tough decision -- particularly if there
are non-overlapping features you require. Symfony offers a
well-integrated core with comprehensive code generation that can get
your application jump started and well under way within minutes, but
what happens if you need something outside that core? What if you see
something in Zend Framework you wish to use?

Fortunately, you don't need to choose; you can use Zend Framework
within your Symfony application. In this session, we'll cover the
basics of integrating the two frameworks, and spend some time getting to
know a variety of Zend Framework components that can enliven and
enrichen your site, including search capabilities, PDF generation, and
web services. Come see what you can do when you combine two outstanding


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thanks, there are a lot of thing we should use !

Great talk - lots of interesting things to use in future.

Great talk: good content and good presenter

Best talk today, so far!

Lots of interesting stuff to look into.

As far as I can tell the idea is "include Zend Core and then you've got some new cool 'plugins' that you can play with".

Obviously a topic I have a serious link with. You did great and I think you've been able to get the message across: People should look further than just "their own" framework.

great... very good and inspiring topic, well presented

Rated 4

Anonymous at 11:35 on 21 Feb 2010

Great presentation, thanks for sharing tools.
Loved the "I'm not the enemy" ;)