Symfony in the Cloud


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Super interesting!

Great talk! Very interesting, witty and based on experience and code examples.

Great talk, loved the angelic cloud deployment and a useful insight into some of the issues faced when deploying to the cloud. Thanks!

Great presentation Kris, very useful practical information. Just needed that! Thanks for sharing!

Your presentation was amazing. Thanks for this great and interesting moment !

Very interesting for me that I'm going to rebuild with symfony a site+community with 5M pages/day. Suggests about development in local environment using the same structure are very usefull. Waiting for slides.

great talk, now I can really understand the "magic" of the clouds ;)

Excellent talk with great sense of humour, thanks for sharing the plugin too!

Can't say anything not already said. Great!
It was a touch of a genious the slide on the diployment in the cloud!

Anonymous at 11:31 on 21 Feb 2010

Great, very interesting.
Also, best slide of the day (cloud's one) :)