The symfony community - How you can (get) help


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Not much new for me personally, but presented in a fun way. Stefan, might be interesting to get more audience participation in a talk like this - e.g. as each subject is introduced ask how many people have posted on forums, answered other people's questions, joined a mailing list, posted tickets, etc.

The content was also somewhat known to me but nonetheless it was good content. Unfortunately I must agree with the previous statement that more interaction with the attendees would be great and when referring to specific things like URLs / Mailing lists I missed a convenience link on the slides.
I also missed the mentioning of in the conference section with a link where to comment and rate on the talks.
Aside from that, good content and wellbrought!

Super extensive talk covering many ways to get/give help. Could include some tips for companies and corporations on how to give back.

Great talk to help involve symfony people into the community effort :)

You did a great job in make use again more enthousiastic in supporting the community!

Great talk for me because I think that a lot of people is not doing their best to help the community. I agree with caponica about audience partecipation: you could ask for example if there were documentation translators or plugin developers or people that is always in the irc channel...

good examples of possibilities for community work... some concrete examples (e.g. how to create new plugin, document and maintaint it) would be fine for many people, who didn't do such a job yet

Anonymous at 10:34 on 21 Feb 2010

Nice presentation

Enjoyed the presentation. I would like to become more involved in the community and give back something so I will try to implement your suggestions on a more frequent basis.