Using Doctrine migrations and lime testing


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Presentation was great introduction to (doctrine) database migrations but I really missed the 'lime testing' part.

Sorry for cutting out the lime stuff. But I really wanted to get the migrations topic set right. But there's a chance that I write a blog post about this. :)

Thanks, denderello - was a good intro to migrations and well presented. Nice to see that some presenters can draw useful diagrams :)

Great introduction in migrations. Good to see the area covered in-depth and the questions were quite good as well.
My compliments on the slides, they are very well done!

Very good presentation, Dennis. Although I knew most of the stuff it was well presented and you proved knowledge of the subject.

Strong stuff good thoughts on how to cope with migrations for newly installed plugins and a frank discussion of the current limitations of migrations for plugins when data must be transformed

thank for that one, we will be using it right now!

Was very helpful to me, I got a lot of insights, thanks a lot. I liked also the presentation style, which was straight on the topic and was oriented to the perspective of an average symfony developer (I guess I am average ;-).

Type comment...

Really interesting, sure gonna take a look at this one. Just started a new project with Doctrine, so great timing!

Great presentation by denderello, as usual. I too was waiting for part "Lime testing". Anyway some tips about migrations are very usefull, I think I'll study a bit more about that.

nice flow of the talk: basics and than advanced topic, with diagrams :) ... good tips

Not simple but great!

Anonymous at 09:55 on 21 Feb 2010

Great presentation, diagrams were helpfull.
Convinced ;)

Thought the presentation was great. This was always a feature that I knew would be great integrated with Doctrine. Thanks for the work you've done, also I was interesting in the lime testing.