Using symfony events to create clean class interfaces


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interesting, need to practice...

very nice talk, the first part about describing the observer pattern and its implementation within symfony was maybe a bit redundant with the component's documentation but heh, you have to satisfy even those attendees who didn't have a chance to read said doc :-)

thx for the good introduction to events.

Der Doctrinevortag war flüssiger, hatte den Eindruck, dass Dir dieser schwerer gefallen ist...

Very nice and easy to understand presentation about a topic not so easy. I'll refactor some code in my projects using events to decouple things such as email confirmations and other things fired by something particular.

nice, concrete topic in details...

Anonymous at 11:23 on 21 Feb 2010

Great presentation, very interesting subject.
More usage examples, with code, would have to know when use events (ie against pre/postSave methods)