Effective Code Reviews


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Effective talk :) Some really good tips, thanks.

Good concepts, well presented.

Well done presentation! I really like the story telling approach but I was a bit disappointed to not see tools and metrics in depth.

Great talk both in subject matter and presentation - we're already doing code reviews similar to how Sebastian advises, yet still came away with plenty of ideas!

Excellent presentation. Happy to find we are doing most of what was suggested but still learnt some useful tips

Very well presented, clearly very passionate. Some fundamentals that are not necessarily revolutionary but explained in a really useful and enjoyable way. I had no problem with the time overrunning!

Anonymous at 22:50 on 14 Sep 2012

Having no experience doing code reviews let alone effective ones, surprisingly I enjoyed this talk more than I thought I would- points well made, and some great tools discussed for getting the job done.

Really enjoyed this. Lots of tools to go away and look at, and plenty of advice/tips on how to improve existing code review practices.

Good presentation and good presenter. Really interesting to knows about others exp. with code reviews. Github flow really be helpfull for code review as well.

Great talk by a good presenter. Loved the angry nerds examples, was a really good idea.

Some well presented ideas, an enjoyable talk about code review does exist!

Informative, useful and engagingly presented; great talk.

A very enjoyable and informative talk. Some great ideas and concepts presented in an entertaining way

Solid points, well presented.

Sebastian is passionate, knowledgeable and funny - that's a great combination. Really enjoyed this talk, thanks.