Avoiding the mud


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Great talk content. Many good tips which i will use for sure. Thanks.

Good talk with some nice take away info.

Good tips on infrastructure and architecture - a fresh look at things

Anonymous at 13:56 on 21 Sep 2013

Good talk with lots of good points.

Great talk with lots of arrows and boxes :) All articles and ideas from PHP+DDD practitioners collected and nicely wrapped into a 45 minutes presentation.

Anonymous at 18:42 on 21 Sep 2013

Richard 2 things

1. you have put the slides on slideshare but you forgot to plug them here https://speakerdeck.com/richardmiller/atm

2. I have a question regarding one slide

Request Absence Controller -> Cancel Absence Command

Request Absence Controller-> Cancel Absence Command Handler -> Absence Entity

shouldn't it be

Request Absence Controller-> Cancel Absence Command Handler -> Cancel Absence Command -> Absence Entity

please confirm, just curious what you said there. Thanks!

Very nice and thought provoking talk!
The only things that could be better, I think, is that the beginning was rather slow until it got up to speed; and the end was a little cliff-hanger to me - why not go all the way into the conceptual world and show how to make all the bundles independent with dependency-inversions and bridges

Thank you for the feedback, I have added the slides link now.

With regards to this: Request Absence Controller-> Cancel Absence Command Handler -> Cancel Absence Command -> Absence Entity

The idea is that the controller would validate the form mapped to the command and then dispatch the command to the command handler which then use the data from the command to interact with the entity.

Good talk with some useful tips and tricks on decoupling your application. Found the slow pace a bit hard to deal with.

Some interesting points on organising code and decoupling an application. I did find the talk a bit slow and at times difficult to follow. That is probably partially due to my inexperience at Symfony, but perhaps having some real world examples of more of what you were talking about may have helped.

The talk itself also seemed to take a while to start, I don't know if that was an operational problem as people walked off to the second track? It would be nice for someone to introduce the speaker and the speaker to start immediately.

A really good talk gave me some good ideas and to go away and try in my Symfony applications.

Application structure can be hard to get right when the codebase grows so the talk was good food for thought.

The slow pace of the talk at times made it a little bit difficult to follow but I realise its not easy talking about complex topics or fresh ideas.