Building Better Developers


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Well presented engaging talk - the points about professional tools were well made, and I might even give vimtutor a whirl. I speak as one who accidentally launches vi every know and then and has to google "HOW DO I EXIT THIS F***ING THING". But I will try.

Rowan is very good in recognising the human in developers. The best talk of the whole conference, till the next one!

A total underdog but I think one of the best presentations that day. Really influential and inspiring. It touches everything about developers nature that I was thinking about and now it feels like such a relief that someone had the same experiences and has wrote it down in a form of presentation. Thank you Rowan, awesome talk!

Really good talk and stuff I would like to try more like Code Kata and deliberate practice. Thanks!

A wonderful, entertaining and constructive talk.

You make me think in a new perspective as a developer now! Tanks.

Well rehearsed, insightful, and useful! Great presentation.