Expression Language in Symfony 2.4


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Great new feature with both the reasoning and product explained well.

All the reasoning gives a very good background why this is an awesome feature which could otherwise be seen as "why the heck would I want that?". Yay kittenz

Excellent explanation of the new ExpressionLanguage feature.

Now it's clear to me the real difference between a static service container like the one in Symfony2 and a dynamic one like Pimple.
By the way, ExpressionLanguage is a very good solution for the problem of dynamic parameters for static configurations

Anonymous at 18:51 on 25 Sep 2013

@fabien could you please post the slides somewhere here? thanks!

Good talk from Fabien on a potentially controversial new feature in Symfony. While it seemed overly complex at first, the use cases Fabien described seemed good ones.