Extract till you drop


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Not so much new things for me, anyway everything was good explained. Really a practical talk

Anonymous at 10:04 on 21 Sep 2013

Anonymous at 13:55 on 21 Sep 2013

Explained code really well and didn't make any mistakes!

Great talk and amazingly well chosen example. Nobody was been able to argue that you need to refactor at the end :)

I felt a little like my day at work is being shown on the screen. I wish I'd seen this earlier. Very well done.

P.S. I still haven't seen the 'throw new PupilAlreadyInGroupException' to get moved inside foreach/if and remove all those booleans around ;)

@Marijus Kilmanas

There is indeed plenty of room for improvement. And some of the code is truely ugly. The point is that everything is cleanly separated and tested. I would in fact recommend to leave it be -- unless there is a real, demonstrable reason to change the isolated methods. For example, a bug, change request, security concern, or performance issue. Developers often over-focus on performance. In this case, perhaps we can learn from the domain expert, that pupils are only enlisted in groups once at the beginning of the year. If it's a little slow, that's ok, it's not going to affect day to day business.

Was great to get some validation that my own process was similar to the refactoring exercise done here. The live coding was done expertly. Very clear, well explained and easy to follow.

Good talk with live refactoring! I struggled to follow some of it, since am new to Symfony, but the concepts and ideas were clear enough and most of it was well explained. A nice format.