The HttpKernelInterface is a lie


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Thanks for describe all concepts which stays behind http kernel and stuff like stackphp. Really interesting talk.

Great insight into some of the abstraction and why it's there. Nice history of the pipe too.
Could have done with more time for the talk.

I liked this talk and it was well presented. But, given the available time, I'd have condensed the history-of-pipes segment and talked more about Rack and how it influenced Stack. That said, it piqued my interest enough to go and read more.

A very good lively talk which I really enjoyed. The part about middlewares was very motivational and I think you could see creativity sparks flying in the room at that point. Well done with going from basics to more complex stuff, awesome job!

Great talk and presentation. Introduction through UNIX pipes is one of the most brilliant ways to introduce HTTP protocol I've seen :)

I second what @karolsojko said. And the timing.. well you know it already.
I'd vote this as one of the best talks in this con.

Really great talk, the stand out of the conference for me. Was on the edge of my seat with interest throughout. Shame it had to be rushed due to lack of time.

Great talk Igor! Very inspiring.

Igor has gone a long way as a speaker. This talk was a work of a pro. His time got eaten by the previous speaker, and that was just too bad. The combination of history of unix pipes and the applicability of the principles in middlewares was spot on.

This was my favourite talk of the day and inspired me to go away and take a look at Stack . The way he built the talk up starting all the way with pipes to netcat etc was really good. The talk was confidently delivered and well presented.