Transforming a legacy PHP application using Symfony2 and Varnish


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Great topic, great presentation.
My expectations were too high though. I would have really loved to see more specific examples and what particular Symfony components were great at replacing what, and things like that - more details, essentially.
Varnish part could be extracted into a separate talk or summarized further. Event though it is a good fit here, it is somewhat of a different topic (e.g. not only those transferring from legacy should be interested in it).

I really like this presentation. It would be great to know more details but I agree that ~40 minutes are not enough. Good start to search more details about such operation.

A well presented case study of transforming a legacy application to a Symfony application. Really liked the way varnish was leveraged to ease the transformation. It's a shame there wasn't enough time to go in to further details of the various components, bundles used etc. Perhaps something for a future talk/blog post?