Using PhpSpec to build quality into a Symfony app


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Excellent info on why its important (in case you didn't know), and a great 'dead demo' to show good real world examples. Cracking!

excellent talk! Too bad there was no time for questions

Thanks for feedback!

@Massimiliano just find me and ask them ;)

What I really enjoyed was the fact the all the fundamentals of PHPSpec have been nicely laid down by Jakub. Very essential and a good job done in spreading the word about best practices. Loved it!

Nice combination of "why" and "how".

Incredible how this guy is capable of squeezing half-day of a topic into 40 min talk. Bonus points for the graphs on how long "being fast" is worthwhile. And finally someone doing a real 'dead demo'. Awesome!

Excellent talk, although I felt the theoretic background to be a bit on the long side.

Great talk. Presentation includes both Why & How about testing. Since this talk I will prefer recorded 'live coding' because speaker have more time to talk.

Good Job Jakub!

Loads of useful content showing modern quality-extreme approach. All this served in accurate and entertaining pace. Kudos!

Thanks for all the feedback guys!

Very good introduction to PhpSpec. It's great when the speaker talks from his real life project experience. Kuba infuses the audience with enthusiasm to, not only try the tool, but with the understanding of the benefits. This talk is for those who belief software craftsmanship and PHP can't co-exist.

A good introduction to PhpSpec and the topic was well presented. I really enjoy the part about quality being part of our professional responsibility. The recorded demos were good to. The only negative was the time and the speaker not being able to go through some more examples that he wanted to present. This was more down to the conferences organisers. The feeling I got from the day was talks length of 40 min were to short. Real pitty there was no time for Q and A.