The Symfony Live Conference 2012 is a unique opportunity to meet the Symfony community, talk with the Symfony core team, and share your experience with the framework.

Thursday 7th June 2012

Rated 5
Keynote by Fabien Potencier in Track A
10:40 What do I get from the full stack framework?
Talk by Richard Miller in Track B
Security: In Real Life
Talk by Johannes Schmitt in Track A
Conference Speaking 101
Talk by Stefan Koopmanschap in Unconference
11:40 What mom never told you about Bundle configurations
Talk by Dennis Benkert in Track B
How we built the new responsive BBC News site
Talk by John Cleveley in Track A
Rated 4
9 - Relaunch with symfony2, Assetic, Varnish and Twig
Talk by Gaylord Aulke in Track B
Dependency Management with Composer
Talk by Nils Adermann, Jordi Boggiano in Track A
Rated 4
diving into PHP's heart
Talk by Julien Pauli in Unconference
15:00 Using MongoDB responsibly
Talk by Jeremy Mikola in Track B
Advanced Silex
Talk by Igor in Track A
Dynamic Routing
Talk by David Buchmann in Unconference
Rated 4
A unified SOAP/JSON API in Symfony2
Talk by Craig Marvelley in Unconference
15:30 Designing REST API with Silex
Talk by Hugo Hamon in Unconference
16:20 twig.js: The Templating Engine for the Client-Side
Talk by Johannes Schmitt in Track B
Symfony2 components to the rescue of your PHP projects
Talk by Xavier Lacot in Track A
Composer's SAT solver
Talk by Nils Adermann in Unconference
17:30 Jeopardy
Social Event by Jeremy Mikola in Track A

Friday 8th June 2012

09:30 Designing HTTP Interfaces and RESTful Web Services
Keynote by David Zuelke in Track A
10:40 Introduction to Propel2
Talk by William Durand in Track C
ORMs don't kill your database, developers do!
Talk by Guilherme Blanco in Track B
Advanced Service Container Utilization
Talk by Richard Miller in Track A
11:40 Redis - Your advanced in-memory key-value store
Talk by Jordi Boggiano in Track C
Rated 5
Decoupling Content Management with Create and PHPCR
Talk by Henri Bergius in Track B
There is a Bundle for that
Talk by Christophe Coevoet, Lukas Kahwe Smith in Track A
Rated 4
Vespolina E-commerce
Talk by Daniel Kucharski in Unconference
14:00 Behat by example (Behat best practices)
Talk by Konstantin Kudryashov in Track B
Symfony2 search engine propelled by Solr
Talk by Xavier Briand in Track C
Symfony2 meets Drupal 8
Talk by Larry Garfield in Track A
Object Calisthenics applied to PHP
Talk by Guilherme Blanco in Unconference
Rated 5
Symfony2 CMF
Talk by Lukas Kahwe Smith in Track A
L'utilisation de Symfony2 chez Overblog
Talk by Xavier HAUSHERR in Track B
Declare Independence from your IT department: sysadmin skills for Symfony developers
Talk by Pablo Godel in Track C
Improving Code Quality with Jenkins
Talk by Sebastian Göttschkes in Unconference
15:15 Git internals and how to use them in PHP
Talk by Magnus Nordlander in Unconference
15:30 Translating Symfony Docs
Talk by Massimiliano Arione in Unconference
16:20 Agile and Symfony
Talk by David Buchmann in Track C
PHP developers, what can Postgresql do for you ?
Talk by Grégoire HUBERT in Track B
Realtime Web Apps with WebSockets
Talk by Igor in Track A