PHP developers, what can Postgresql do for you ?


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A really good look at PostgreSQL! Gave some great examples of what it can do. Powerful stuff!

Nice introduction to some very cool features of PostgreSQL. Would've been cool to see more of POMM.

Gregoire almost convinced me to put all my business logic into the database, that's how good the presentation was.

But is Pomm an ORM or not? ;)

Nice talk, nice examples. Solid understanding of the topic. A bit short though. Maybe a little more introduction into Postgre?

The best talk I attended at Symfony Live 2012. I really want to dig more into PostgreSQL, and try Pomm.
Thanks Gregoire!

Great talk, sometimes too speedy. A lot of examples, it’s a life saver to have access to the slides without the 40 MINUTES CONSTRAINT ;-)

Very nice and pleasant talk. I've learnt a lot of new stuff :) I did'nt know that PostgreSQL has such potential.

Thank you very much for your feedbacks, it has been a real pleasure to make this conference and I must say I could feel your interest with your interesting questions even during the talk.

Thank you.