Security: In Real Life


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Nice examples!

A bit too fast presentation. A lot of things to say and maybe too few time to do it.
I would concentrate on few examples maybe in more details.

Overall still a good presentation.

really liked this presentation. loved to get an introduction on the concepts, i was missing the big picture until now. and the examples are really helpful. will you make them available along with the slides somewhere?

A very good look at a complex subject, the real code examples were key to making this work so well done.

Anonymous at 08:42 on 8 Jun 2012

The examples were too superficial which made the whole presentation seem unimportant.

Instead, I think you should take one example (e.g. multiple (different) backends - LDAP, Twitter, Username/password and combined them - including linking multiple accounts, etc).

It leaves a really bad impression that you don't show up on time. With 300 people waiting, jetlag is not a fair excuse.

Nice topic but too much to say for this time slot. Maybe try to focus only on a couple of examples.

Topic is really complex: maybe concentrating on few issues would help, instead of trying to cover everything

Very interesting, but too many features introduced; could benefit from less feature but more complete / real life examples.

One of the best presentations! Very interesting and just all information I wanted to hear.

I'd love a usage-to-architecture approach. Unfortunately, taking the question the other way around lost me.

The introduction was maybe a bit too complex, or too fast.
Nevertheless I learned really cool tips, making this talk really valuable to me. I also liked the simplicity of the example, enough to give some context, and not too much that would have obstructed my mind!

Good talk Johannes but you speak too fast for most of the attendees.
This topic is quite complex, and even if your approach was really good, you probably lost a lot of people after ten minutes ;)

Really interesting topic, quite good presentation but too little time to describe stuff more.