Symfony2 components to the rescue of your PHP projects


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I really liked the didactic approach.

This ha been a really useful and clear talk. Well done!

Thanks both of you for your comments. I was a bit confused because I thought I would have more time, and learnt during the presentation that my time had been cut... I just had to hurry up and shorten the end of the talk :-)

Great talk. The first talk I see for blind xor deaf person (not both…). A pleasure to read and to hear. The slides were brillants, the talk adds some informations. I really enjoyed this talk, even if I didn’t learn much.

Maybe it was great talk, but I expected something else. Quite interesting stuff about "history" of the PHP... maybe consider to change topic of the presentation cause component talks start after more than half.

Thanks Leszek for the feedback. I must admit that the most interesting and "in topic" part of the talk was at its end... Which I had to cut because of a problem with the schedule of the conference :-/