wetter.com - Relaunch with symfony2, Assetic, Varnish and Twig


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Exceptional example of using Varnish for the login's management, MTV Italy will use similar logic with NGINX

Some nice work done and was well presented, you are clearly enjoying the work you do and it shows in your talk!

Interesting experience. I hoped to see more in depth informations, but a good overview. A bit slow in the second part.

Thanks for the presentation!

The first part, with the "architecture" speaker, was a good introduction.
The technical part was fine, it could have been better if the speaker was more at ease with english.

Thanks for your feedback on this migration

Great talk, it was good to hear your diffilculties on assetic and the VCL debugging part.

Great talk and great use case for symfony (varnish) under pressure

Anonymous at 21:24 on 27 Jun 2012

I found the Slides for this Talk via Google in SpeakerDeck


Maybe someone can add this information here

I would second Adrien's point above regarding the presentation abilities of both speakers (even disregarding language barriers).

It's always nice to see real examples of how companies are using these technologies. That said, there is a challenge with presenting issues faced with older versions of libraries (Assetic in this case). In those cases, I think the audience would benefit from a higher-level discussion of the problem and how the solution was approached, as the code examples may not be relevant to developers working with the current version.