Event Driven Architecture


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Great talk about how the realm of non-blocking I/O, event loops, asynchronous calls and promises withing HTTP and how they can make apps more efficient - something often not associated with PHP applications. The best part was towards the end where got to see React PHP in action with Symfony and Nginx.

I think the talk could have started with segments from the demo as it would have been easy to follow the concepts mentioned during the talk.

(I'm working on a reverse-HTTP server in React PHP and this talk was useful for helping with my approach).

Jakub Zalas at 23:33 on 23 Aug 2016

Great talk! Repeating patterns (and jokes) are a good way to keep engagement. Code examples were sometimes too long. Perhaps analogies, or diagrams would make the talk easier to digest. The final demo should be really part of the talk.

Carl Casbolt at 10:45 on 6 Sep 2016

Very interesting talk, first thing I did the following morning was look at if I could apply the ReactPHP to any of the projects I've worked on the last few months. Implementing my own HTTP server on small internal APIs could be an option soon though.