Exception-Driven Development


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Thanks to you I finally understand the difference between RuntimeException and LogicException (the doc and articles I've read so far confused me)! Presenting Frisbee was very entertaining, a pity we couldn't see more of it though (the gif was a bit to fast).
I couldn't hear you very well even though you had a microphone, I think it'd be worth trying to speak up a little bit next time.

Théo FIDRY at 09:55 on 22 Aug 2016

Great talk and very interesting. It felt like the examples were somehow a bit skipped (lack of time?) even though they looked well prepared and explained. A bit more of advices on how to manage exceptions especially with the new \Throwable interface in PHP7 would also be welcomed in the future!

Jakub Zalas at 23:37 on 23 Aug 2016

Very good. With a bit of polishing, adding some good exception use cases, and practice this could become a full-length talk.