To realize, analyse


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Thank you for this talk, it seems analytics talk are very rare and that's a shame! Your talk was very entertaining, the slides well done (nice drawings by the way!), and the live demo was very smooth (by experience I know it's really hard to achieve!). But most of all I think you delivered the message quite well: we can't professionally make claims without proofs, and to get proofs we need to go though those steps you described (make an assumption, measure, analyse the results).
A pity we couldn't see how to set up New Relic and Blackfire, but that would have made the talk much longer I guess. Maybe it could be done in three screenshot slides? I think it would help because I kind of felt those metrics came out of nowhere, even though you explained they came from those tools earlier.

I really enjoyed Marga's talk. It was refreshing to have one regarding the metrics and analysis of how a website performs and how it can be the main driver for improving the codebase and making it integral to our day-to-day development, rather than it being an afterthought.

For the codebase in question it may not have been possible to show the analytics tools in action without revealing sensitive information, which I believe the talk was missing. However I think this could become a full-length talk given a good sandbox or open-source example. (Sylius maybe? ;)

Jakub Zalas at 23:39 on 23 Aug 2016

Nice debut! Good content and confident delivery (even though Marga said she felt stressed). Keep submitting your talks!