It’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the term "Functional Programming" while reading online discussions about programming languages or programming in general. People talking about FP routinely use terms that can be strange and unfamiliar to developers coming from the imperative world.

So what exactly is Functional Programming? Where does it come from? How does it differ from the programming I already know?

This talk will try to answer these questions by weaving seemingly unrelated concepts into a (hopefully) coherent story of FP, using PHP as the vehicle of expressing these ideas. The side effect (pun intended) of having a grasp of FP will make you a better developer, which will make you a better PHP developer, which will make you a better Symfony developer.


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Jakub Zalas at 20:14 on 26 Jan 2017

Very good, confident delivery sprinkled with jokes. Great, clear explanation of functional programming concepts.

One thing to improve is either try to put less code (or code comments) on slides, or highlight the relevant bits and explain them step by step. Sometimes it was hard to decide what to focus on at the code slides. Code looked tidy and elegant though, and it will be a great after-talk reference!

Andrew Raines at 21:53 on 26 Jan 2017

Challenging subject matter to get across to people who've never done anything like it in the past (like me!) but the pace was good and I came away feeling like I'd learned a lot. Thanks!