Breaking boundaries with FastCGI


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Anonymous at 21:07 on 10 Sep 2015

Interesting talk, the metaphor was funny and actually useful!

Opinionated, fun and informative. Want more!

Fantastic talk.

The use of the restaurant metaphor kept the audience engaged, was very amusing and helped explain and simplify much of the information being conveyed. The topic is an extremely interesting one and the talk content was just right discussing the problems applications and libraries face when being used in this way, the information about the CGI implementation and then bringing it back in to being Symfony-specific. Ideas were presented clearly and effectively right throughout the talk.

As a speaker you were confident and well presented but at times (later on in the talk) you talked quite fast but I think you identified this well and then then slowed down again and it didn't impact on the audience's ability to follow the talk.

If giving this talk again I'd suggest talking a little bit more about the concept of an app server a bit more as otherwise it might not be clear to developers who only have PHP experience how it speeds up the application. It might also be worth mentioning the important distinguishing of a request/response from a PHP process in Symfony through use of the passing in requests and return a response from the AppKernel as whilst this was touched on, this is the core fundamental idea that allows everything to work.

Great talk - very engaging. Would be nice to see a concrete example or 2 of what you should do vs what you shouldn't do.

This was the first Symfony UK meeting I've attended and I was pleasantly surprised.

The turn out was amazing, I'd guess close to 70 people and the quality of the presentations was very good.

I look forward to next time.

You did a great job as a presenter. The talk was engaging and the metaphor was a nice touch to keep the attention and not lose you audience by getting too technical and boring. The subject is also worth exploring and although to me it seems to bring more problems than gains, it could still be a thing to consider in the future.

Great talk and quite a confident speaker especially given it was a first public appearance! Keep at it, I am sure you will do well. Regarding the talk more specifically I would add a bit more info/examples of how keeping state/caches can hurt you when you need to scale horizontally (because if you need performance enough that you need this FCGI PHP handler, you probably will need more than one server eventually).

Interesting topic and very well presented! See U at SfLive unconference track maybe ;)