Sylius development has started together with one of the early alpha releases of Symfony framework. 5 years later it is the most promising competitor to existing solutions of the mainstream market, like Magento. From the age of 18, I have built my entire professional career on Symfony. This allowed me to work on countless projects. I have seen Symfony in action on very small web projects, high availability websites, complex APIs and 14 year old legacy systems. I have integrated various Symfony applications, combining Sylius with eZ Platform, Akeneo PIM and existing custom apps. In this talk I’d like to share everything I have learned during this journey. I show real world examples of projects, share solutions to both technical and more business-related problems and prove that Symfony is one of the greatest communities and projects that ever existed. This talk is supposed to be a retrospective of Symfony evolution from my perspective and knowledge-feast for the attendees.


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Asmir Mustafic at 11:37 on 1 Dec 2016

good and really friendly exposition by the speaker. good advices in the presentation

It was a talk with nostalgia ) Nothing bad, nothing good, well delivered and presented "How it was".

Just a collection of random thoughts

Nothing special for me.

Marliac Julien at 11:44 on 2 Dec 2016

A really good talk with some nice things that I will remember !

Solid talk, helpful inside and every day tips. As usual with talks and long term resumes like that, they are highly opinionated, so should be taken with a grain of salt.

Also, some deeper technical insight would have been nice.

Some real good and helpful advices, also for a beginner like myself. And a very good and fluent speaker.

A very good and fluent speaker. But I did not find the content very useful. I think I did not get the main purpose of this presentation.

oh, The conference most awesome, I did not get a chance to see the conference, where can I found the video