Last year, Symfony 3 was out right before the SymfonyCon. A lot happened! 52 blog posts to help you keep up with all new things, 1200+ pull requests, 2 new versions out… Well I'm sure you missed something. Let's review what happened during last year: basically we'll see and/or discover nice new features that appeared since the last SymfonyCon.


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Jens Hassler at 15:34 on 2 Dec 2016

A really nice, emotional and enthusiastic overview. Thank you very much.

Fun and informative retrospective about the (many) things happening in the Symfony community in the past year. Thanks Sarah!

Good speaker and good presentation. We had a very cool overview. It's was very dynamic.
More beautiful slides would have been better ;)

I saw the slides and that was a very useful and interesting talks. Where can i found the video talk