Does managing YAML, XML or PHP container configurations make you sad? Do you dread making changes to your classes' dependencies for fear of the inevitable container configuration wiring blues? Life doesn't have to be this way! Not if your container supports autowiring, that is. Hear one developer's journey into the wild world of containers, learn how autowiring works, and find out how using autowiring can free you from having to manually configure every dependency.


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Too much introduction and very little info on how to really use the final solution

Ilia Petriaev at 17:04 on 2 Dec 2016

Interesting talk about what can bring dependencies management to a new level

Julien Janvier at 18:08 on 2 Dec 2016

I don't do RAD and I don't have problems with the configuration files, so I'm not fan at all of autowiring.
But the talk was brillant, clear and really interesting.

Renaud Marx at 22:48 on 2 Dec 2016

I don't like autowiring, but great explanation anyway

Cesar at 08:47 on 3 Dec 2016

It was hard to follow but it sounds interesting

Maciej Malarz at 13:49 on 5 Dec 2016

I presume Laravel examples were there to make a point but in the end there was too less about the Symfony's autowiring itself

Nice talk

Andy Roid at 18:53 on 6 Dec 2016

topic interesting but i'm still fine with services in the old way