You cannot improve what you cannot measure. That's why profiling applications should always be the first step before trying to improve its performance. Learn how to spot your applications' bottlenecks and how to adopt profiling into your developer pipeline.


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Nice overview of profiling tools. The use case could be real life, rather that yhe example one.

Benny Penny at 18:27 on 1 Dec 2016

good overview over profiling in general and specifically on blackfire.

Would have liked to see more in depth info

Solid introduction to the topic, lack any depth for advanced users though.

Ilia Petriaev at 17:24 on 2 Dec 2016

Interesting information about the topic, misses comparison with other such services.

Malachi Soord at 19:13 on 2 Dec 2016

This presentation had potential to be awesome but I felt like it was more of an advert for blackfire and didn't go into the technical depth I was expecting for such a talk. Content aside the presenter was clear.

Self promotion talk again. Too bad I pay for this. If they want to sell me this thing, shouldn't these talks be for free?