Event-based architectures such as Event Sourcing provide multiple benefits: scalability, complexity management, auditing, etc. However, let’s face it, getting there is quite hard. We lack skills, expertise and courage. In this talk, I’m going to show you some tips and tricks to painless evolve your current architecture towards Event Sourcing, one small step at a time. We’ll start from an Hexagonal Architecture application and we’ll end up in the Event Sourcing doors. The path that we’ll follow is: - Hexagonal Architecture - Hexagonal Architecture with Domain Events - Stepping Stone Architecture (CQRS without Event Sourcing) - Event Sourcing Talk level: Intermediate to Expert Requirements: Basic concepts of Hexagonal Architecture (Entities, Repositories, Application Services, etc.)


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Great presentation, a lot of concrete examples from Carlos experience shown instead of some general slogans. Good example of talk that we are going to conferences for. One of best talks I've attended last few years. Some slides just have strange color scheme.

Really like the presentation. Carlos obviously know the topic well. He showed really nice examples of code. One notice: Carlos you do not have to speak so fast, please take breath between sentences ;)

213 at 16:34 on 16 Nov 2017

Great presentation! I managed to understand most of it. However, it was exhausting to listen due to his accent. Sometimes I couldn't hear complete sentences as he was talking really fast and sometimes it sounded like he was talking Spanish, that would be a point he could work on to improve his presentation.

Great talk. Wish it would’ve been 10 minutes longer because the last section was a bit rushed.

Although I had some difficulties with the accent of the speaker, this was an excellent talk. I think I finally understand what event sourcing is about. The different steps from spaghetti to CQRS+event sourcing were very clear; for almost every category I know a piece of software that's in it :-)

Very interesting

Hugo Hamon at 08:54 on 17 Nov 2017

That was a great presentation Carlos. The slides were nicely presented and the speaker knows the subject very well. I’m disappointed the SymfonyCon talks must last only 40 min. It would have been great to have it run on a 60 min slot.

Thank you very much Carlos for the talk and the valuable discussion we had after it.

Whilst it’s crystal clear that Carlos knows the subject inside out and it was an interesting presentation, when he presents figures, he needs to make sure to back them up with real facts (like “X out of a total of Y cases”) or just use some generic expressions like “in most of the cases that I come across” (changing the generic expression with each case to avoid being repetitive), otherwise it totally feels like he’s making up those figures; surely it’s not 80% all the time, there must be some variation in those figures depending on the year, the industry, etc.

Antonio Peric at 16:24 on 17 Nov 2017

Very interesting topic, good content, good presentation skills, and very usefull

The content of the presentation was very interesting. I liked the approach he took in dividing application architecture into different levels. I would like to see the same presentation done in a longer time slot, or maybe skip the first three levels and dive right into the steps from level 3 (hexagonal architecture) to level 6 (event source architecture) in more depth, or use the time to go more into the advantages/disadvantages and when the approach should be taken.

He gave some code examples which really helped to understand the steps.

Sometimes he talked quite fast with a Spanish accent, but I was still able to understand everything.

It was the kind of presentation I expect of an advanced track.


Jose Monagas at 01:18 on 23 Nov 2017

For me was the best talk in the conference. Good quality content and great speaker. It was a shame the lack of time for the end part of the presentation.