We'll start by creating a fully-featured API in just a few minutes with API Platform, Symfony and Doctrine. The API will support pagination, data validation, access control, relation embedding, filters and error handling. It will expose many formats (JSON-LD, Hydra, JSONAPI, HAL, JSON, XML, YAML and CSV), will be documented with Swagger/OpenAPI and will have a nice UI done in React. Last but not least, the API will respond in a just few milliseconds thanks to its builtin invalidation based cache mechanism. Then, we will use the ReactJS tools provided by the API Platform to consume the exposed Hydra documentation. In a few more minutes, we will get a Material Design administration interface (a la Sonata / EasyAdmin - but 100% client-side) built with React. Finally, we'll discover 2 nice code generators to bootstrap a SPA (React, Redux and React Router) and iOS and Android mobile apps (React Native).


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Really interesting talk and subject. This session however suffered from a few problems:

1) Too much information in the slides
2) Spoken too fast in non-native language
3) General information density / lack of focus. Maybe try to focus on some aspects of APIPlatform instead of showing of everything.

Steve Winter at 20:05 on 17 Nov 2017

Wow - what a roller-coaster of a session.

Kévin clearly knows his material and wanted to get as much of that knowledge across to us all. So much information delivered so fast - I'm glad I have English as my first language as I would have struggled to keep up otherwise. For the future I would suggest cutting back on the amount of information you try to fit in the session!

Ok, I have to admit that I wasn't fully concentrated on the talk because I was playing with the docker image of api platform. But it's this talk that introduced me to api platform, and I was very impressed.

This was great talk, like always with Kévin !