The talk will present a real life case study of how we upgraded an enterprise application from Symfony 2.7 running PHP 5.6 to Symfony 3.2 and PHP 7.1. We will go through what was the conceived plan and what were the biggest challenges. It will be separated in 3 chapters: upgrading PHP, upgrading Symfony and achieved benefits. In the first chapter we will take a look in upgrading the PHP version and related packages, how we fixed common backward incompatible changes and what parts of our code we updated to take advantage of the new features. Also, a glimpse into what helpful tools can be used ( php7cc, phan, PhpStorm PHP 7 Compatibility Inspection). In the second chapter we discuss about upgrading from Symfony 2 and related bundles to Symfony 3, updating to the new directory structure and making code deprecation free. As in the first chapter, we will also talk about helpful tools for this step. We will wrap it up with a look on the end result and what are the achieved improvements.


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Will start updating my app today :-)

Good stuff. Very practical.