UnConference track


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Hard to judge a talk that claims to not be a talk, but then ends up being just that. I feel like there was a focus missing, also no clear thread was visible from a story telling point of view. The call to action at the end could have been more precise.

I enjoyed your talk that wasn't a talk. I especially liked what you said about over engineering, I find myself doing that often and in the end to release I have to take shortcuts that I'm not always proud of. A bit more structure was needed, but your experience and discussion was valuable insight.

Andreas B. at 08:19 on 21 Nov 2017

"Let's talk" sounds more like a discussion than a presentation, sadly it was a presentation with a few questions thrown in. For an unconference track, contents were well presented. Expanding it and improving the storyline a bit would make it a great "How we used X to build Y" kind of talk.