All web applications have forms, either simple or complex. This talk will address some of the complex scenarios with forms that change depending on the data entered and have dynamically generated fields (server and client side). Using form events and taking advantage of the form rendering flexibility can create some impressive results. The examples are based on real-life scenarios I have encountered in the five years of using the Symfony Framework.


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Jeff Sacco at 15:45 on 16 Nov 2017

In my opinion this seemed like a code review. I would recommend showing less code and have some text to describe what you want to get to your audience.

We could of expanded the collection part as that is the tough part.

Overall good but needs work

Chris A. at 23:19 on 16 Nov 2017

Totally agree with @jeffsacco

Also, is hard for someone even sitting in the front rows to read an entire class, and also the quality of code was quite bad.

Had much higher expectations from this presentation.