Traditional relational databases — ironically — are not that good at the complex relationships some modern applications need. Multiple joins and complex sub-queries can gradually take a toll on performance. Graph Databases, on the other hand, are all about relationships. In this talk we will look at using the popular Neo4j graph database with PHP to build efficient relational data for OmNomHub: not your average recipe site.


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213 at 16:26 on 16 Nov 2017

First of all, great talk! I had seen a presentation about a neo4j bundle before, but never of neo4j itself. She has shown a pretty good overview of the possibilities, how the queries work and how this is visualised.

Sadly there were hardware issues, but she can't be blamed. Those issues seen to have been plaguing the majority of talks I went to.

The reason of a -1 is because it was sometimes hard to properly hear what she was saying. This was not because she wasn't pronouncing properly, but it sounded like she was nervous. This could be related to the sound issues though, so I'm not sure.

I enjoyed the small random jokes and despite the issues, she gave a great presentation. 4/5 would watch again.

I was curious about graph databases, but I'm still not convinced about why they are worth using. The demo showed nice graphs, but I didn't see something about which I thought 'this would be way harder using relational databases'.

Nice first look into neo4j, was very useful.

This talk was good. Unfortunately due to a technical problem, it began late and some slides were not shown.

Neo4j seems great but I would appreciate to have some explanations about:
* performance
* code (Which bundle? How does it work?)