The world we live in is one where data is one of the most valuable assets. There are many different pieces of data we can analyse on all kind of data from analytics of user behaviour of your platform, user generated content, monitoring of exception rates, or when your core business model is to provide some kind of analytics platform. This talk will talk about how you can, in your Symfony applications, perform some simple trend analysis techniques to build models, analyse data to get useful information and spot anomalies.


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Tobias Nyholm at 15:01 on 16 Nov 2017

I really like this talk. Great introduction to machine learning.

Thank you!

Timo Bakx at 15:04 on 16 Nov 2017

Great talk, despite the early technical issues with the microphone. Very clearly explained using graphs and math. Speaker has a very nice way of explaining things using real examples and dismembered limbs.

This was an excellent talk and might just be the best talk of the conference. (Hey sensiolabs, maybe introduce a prize for that ?). It not only explains the basic math behind machine learning, but also showed live code examples. Additionally, all questions (during the session and after) were answered in a precise and knowledgable manner. Kudos !

A great introduction to machine learning.

I Really learned a lot about it. :)

Anonymous at 08:25 on 17 Nov 2017

I missed what are the problems and limits of the machine learning and what happen when you do it with real data. But very well presented and good introduction.

I think it was brilliant introductory talk but I think I kind-of missed 'why or why not do it in PHP' part.

Andreas B. at 08:49 on 20 Nov 2017

Excellent introduction to one of the current "hip" technologies. Managed technical problems (microphone issues) perfectly and never lost his cool.