Ready to write an amazing front-end for your app? There are *so* many great tools, like React, Vue.js, module loaders, Sass, LESS, PostCSS and more. But, they all have one thing in common: you need to configure a *build* system before you write a single line of code! Thankfully, there's Webpack: the leading tool for processing & bundling your JavaScript and CSS. There's just one problem: configuring Webpack is tough and requires a lot of Webpack-specific knowledge. Say hello to Webpack Encore: a library built by Symfony to quickly bootstrap a sophisticated asset setup, complete with minification, SASS processing, automatic versioning, Babel support and *everything* you need to start writing great JavaScript quickly. In this talk, we'll also learn about using JavaScript modules, how to bootstrap a framework (like React) and other important modern practices. Give your assets a huge boost with Webpack Encore!


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Fun talk, I enjoyed it. Encore seems to be promising tool

Very interesting and fun talk.

Mihai Nica at 11:45 on 17 Nov 2017

Would have liked to learn more about the deployment part, but the time run out.
Otherwise the presentation was great, Ryan convinced me to use Encore in my next Symfony project.

Great talk, fun and with a lot of information for the beginners in the whole Symfony/Webpack, fronted technologies integration. It did touch only the basic parts, but it was more than enough to get you started and research on your own.

Nice Talk covering the basics of Webpack Encore.
Now I've to start using Encore and digging deeper.

Hugo Hamon at 12:41 on 17 Nov 2017

As always I loved Ryan's talk! Ryan is very engaging and entertaining. The talk was well prepared, very detailed and nicely presented. I gave me a much better opinion of modern JavaScript development :)

Really well in all regards. Technically interesting, makes you want to try out new stuff. Also funny and entertaining. A bit too entry-level for some, but I guess that necessary sometimes.

Very good and entertaining talk. Of course the speaker being a native English speaker helps.

Maybe one or two real examples of how a native (non-Encore) webpack config file looks like could’ve helped showing the audience how great Encore is.
Webpack Encore seems like an indispensable tool already! Kutgw.

Rudolf Novak at 17:47 on 17 Nov 2017

inspiring talk ;)

Ryan is a great and entertaining speaker. Very good skills.

I'd like to have seen less of a JavaScript/ECMAScript introduction and more of Webpack Encore, but considering the audience and that it was in the beginner track, I guess it's alright.

The tool seems to be very nice and useful to get people started easily with webpack in their Symfony applications.

Well presented, nice summary of webpack-encore features.

Like always, your talks are awesome !

Andreas B. at 08:13 on 21 Nov 2017

Great talk and presentation, you can tell Ryan has a talent for teaching and presenting. Unfortunately had to rush through the last few slides due to timing issues.

Jose Monagas at 01:27 on 23 Nov 2017

He is a master of talks. I am waiting for the youtube video to see this talk again. I was expecting a lot from this talk and I receive more than I expect. Congratulations!