Due to complex web projects we work on, there was a need for deeper integration between content management system and eCommerce solution. As eZ Platform is based on Symfony we searched for a Symfony based ecommerce solution and found Sylius as the best choice. We combined the two systems in one Symfony instance so we can integrate on much deeper level. Learn about our experience with merging and maintaining such a solution.


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Timo Bakx at 14:18 on 16 Nov 2017

Nice talk. Good information about the pitfalls and benefits of merging two big applications using the same common framework.
Speaker was easy to listen to and used a good amount of humor. I really enjoyed this talk.

This talk contained to little information to be actually placed in the advanced track. Most of the problems mentioned were foreseeable and the more interesting part (how they were actually solved) was barely mentioned.

Also, answering every question with "it depends" shows either a lack of confidence or knowledge. I'm not saying there is a definitive answer for everything, but when trying to be an export you should at least be able to point people in a certain direction.

Another thing that bothers me is that this talk was finished ~10mins too early. Either plan your talk better or have some more things to say when there are no more questions. I always feel it's kind of cheap, when people effectively deliver 25-30min of talk in a 40min slot. Especially when attendees pay for the conference.

Ivo Lukač (Speaker) at 15:42 on 16 Nov 2017

Thanks for your feedback.

@Jan, I agree regarding the advanced track comment, but the organizers are planing the talks. This talks is more on intermediate level. Regarding the length, I disagree, we were just on time with the questions. I don't like to take time of the next talk, but do like a good QA, so for a 40min slot the 30min talk with 10min question time fits well.

Antonio Peric at 16:23 on 17 Nov 2017

I think Ivo was direct and clear about things you need to know if you are connecting two symfony apps. He pointed to some issues and problems and presented some real solutions.

Presenting part was great - everything on the slides was readable, etc. Content - as I have no knowledge of eZ platform and just a basic knowledge on internals of Sylius I could not really relate - but I think I will consider all points made if I ever have to merge 2 sf2 apps.

Entertaining and interesting.